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Hectool is a B2B marketplace for industry designed to streamline the procurement process for buyers in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. We connect you with a wide range of verified suppliers offering everything from machine tools to emergency equipment, all under one roof.

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Why Partner with Hectool?

By choosing to partner with Hectool, you ensure your products are presented in an international marketplace that values quality and supports growth. We provide all the tools necessary to manage, promote, and sell your products effectively, helping you achieve your business goals.

Increased Visibility

Gain access to a large, targeted network of buyers from the industrial automation, manufacturing automation, and general manufacturing sectors.

Expand to New Markets

We actively target growth and visibility in new markets where you are not yet present, opening doors to fresh business opportunities.

Tech Adaptation

We give you the best of both worlds. Our online features allow you to maintain your traditional retail revenues while adding online markets.

Marketing Support

We handle all marketing, content creation, & lead generation, letting you focus on product development & sales.

Increased Sales

Our platform is designed to maximize your visibility, automating & enhancing your chances of closing deals..

Partner Reliability

We ensure a smooth transaction process, maintaining high standards of quality and trust throughout.

Secure Transactions

We ensure all transactions are safe, protecting both parties.

Easy Integration

List your products quickly with our user-friendly interface.

How it works

Streamlined Selling Made Simple

Our platform makes it easy to manage your listings and track your sales, all in one place.


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Offer Your High-Quality Industrial Products on Hectool

At Hectool, we specialize in featuring a comprehensive range of industrial products that cater to the needs of the manufacturing and automation industries. Our platform is meticulously designed to showcase diverse product categories, ensuring that whatever your specialty, there's a place for your products here.

Machine Parts and Tooling

Enhance your machining capabilities with our wide range of tools and accessories, including precision collets and chucks, designed for accuracy and efficiency. 

Industrial Machinery

From CNC machines to hydraulic presses, find all types of machinery to keep your production line running smoothly. 

Manufacturing Automation Equipment

Automate and streamline your manufacturing processes with our cutting-edge equipment. 

Metrology and Measuring Equipment

Ensure precision and accuracy in your manufacturing processes with our advanced metrology and measuring tools.

Safety and Emergency Equipment

Prioritize safety in your workplace with our comprehensive range of emergency gear and protective equipment. 

Used Parts and Components

Access cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality with our selection of used and refurbished parts.

Oils & Fluids

Maintain your machinery with high-quality oils and fluids designed to enhance performance and longevity. 


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“Our downtimes have decreased significantly since partnering with Hectool. Their platform has connected us with quality suppliers who are offering exactly what we're looking for.”

John Smith, Sales Director at Precision Parts Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Look at our frequently asked questions to quickly find your answer or ask Hector.

How do I find the right product on Hectool?

Finding the right products on Hectool is a walk in the park. You can either search directly for an SKU or EAN-number in the search bar or use our elaborate filtering options to find exactly what you’re looking for. Additionally, try asking our AI-assistant Hector for help, he can quickly guide you to the right direction.

What makes Hectool different from other industrial marketplaces?

Hectool is a unique combination between a brand new technical platform and over 50 years of industry experience. We know what is important to buyers in our industry and have designed all our features and functionalities around what matters most to you. From buying on invoice to uploading bulk buying lists, we’ve got you covered!

How do I ensure the quality of the products I purchase?

At Hectool we stand for quality. We thoroughly screen and select the suppliers on our platform to meet quality standards in both product and service. If for any reason an order does not meet your requirements, Hectool will reimburse the item for you or replace it with a new one.

What kind of support does Hectool offer to buyers?

We are here to help with whatever you need. Our advanced search features will help you find what you need in seconds. If orders are not meeting your standards, we’ve got you covered with reimbursement or replacement. And If you need help with any technical challenges such as the buyer portal, payment or logistics, you can get in touch by sending an e-mail to Hello@Hectool.com and we get back to you within 24 hours.

For more information, visit our support center or contact our help desk.

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